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Life and Career Coach Training and Related Studies

I completed my coach training at The Coaches Training Institute, which is widely recognized as the Ivy League of coaching schools in the United States. 

The Coaches Training Institute is one of the few coaching schools accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the coaching profession's sanctioning association. 

My interest in personal and career achievement and success has been lifelong. Over the past twenty years I've spent tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours studying personal motivation and achievement at graduate universities and workshops led by highly accomplished teachers and researchers. 

But my most valuable education and training has come from personally working with more than 6,000 clients to help them to identify and land the ideal work for them. No book or course can replace this kind of real world experience.

Personal Interests

I put a lot of energy into balancing my work and personal lives. 

I'm the devoted father of two wonderful boys. We play a lot of tennis, do schoolwork, visit friends and family, and occasionally discuss their career goals... lol.

Life Lessons

Of course, not everything I've done in life has worked out the way I wanted. 

I've successfully navigated through several tough times in my life... including periods of 'career confusion'. 

These "School of Hard Knocks" lessons have taught me a lot about life, careers and myself... and they've helped me become a powerful and effective career coach who can help people get through big and challenging career transitions so they can have the personal and professional success they want.

How Can I Help You Achieve Your Career Goals?

Being a career coach and career counselor connects my skills, expertise, interests and experiences. 

And coaching enables me to help good people create a rich, fulfilling and satisfying life. That means a lot to me. 

One thing I've learned for certain over the years is that with the right insight, planning and support... it's possible to make big career changes that fill our lives with more purpose, fun, satisfaction and success. 

I've done it and I've helped my coaching clients do it. 

And I hope you'll consider hiring me as your career coach to help you do it too. 

Free Consultation Offer...

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I invite you to schedule a free career coaching consultation with me. 

We'll talk for 15 minutes by phone about your career situation and the step-by-step system I've used to help more than 6,000 people discover the best job and career options for them.

The consultations are by telephone, so they are easy and convenient.

There are three easy ways to arrange a free consultation session.

One way is to take action on your career right now... and schedule a consultation by clicking on the blue circle on my appointment calendar here:

Or, if you prefer, you can provide your contact information below and I will follow up shortly by email. I can also be reached at (646) 413-0020.

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