NOTE: Because a strong resume is necessary for an effective job search, this offer is available exclusively for clients who have completed a Resume coaching session with Jeff Neil

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Searching For A Job Can Be Overwhelming. Here's How You Can Win Job Interviews As Fast As Possible...

Get Specific Answers To Questions You Have About Your Situation & Job Search

Learn the Best Job Search Strategies For You &

Get My Personal Feedback on Your New Resume

Dear Client, 

In a job search, you're either getting interviews for the jobs you want or you're not. There is no middle ground. 

Let me ask you...

  • Do you despise hearing nothing back from companies... after spending hours poring through online ads, crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, and applying for an exciting job you'd be great for? 
  • How many good job interviews have you landed by networking? 
  • Are recruiters actively helping you get interviews for the jobs you really want?

While there is a lot of generic advice online, I offer personalized job search coaching that will give you the customized advice, strategies and advantage you need to be competitive in a tough job market.

Getting a job offer is the result of hard work, some luck, persistence and an effective strategy. When your strategy isn’t effective, a job search can drag out and cause you to miss the right opportunities.

Here's how I can help you with your job search...

First... Get My Personal Feedback on Your New Resume

Let's make sure your new resume is as compelling as possible.

Prior to our session, I'll review your new resume thoroughly. And in our session, I'll give you my final recommended changes so you can be sure your new resume stands out in a crowd and best positions you for the roles you want to target.

Second... I'll Answer the Questions You Have About Your Job Search and I'll Teach You My Favorite Strategies to Win More Job Interviews Faster

I have spent more than a thousand hours studying how to find a new job. 

And I've kept track of the job search strategies, techniques, and ideas that work - as well as everything that does not work - for thousands of my clients. 

Your coaching session will be customized to your exact needs and challenges. Job search topics clients often want to discuss include:

  • Specific advice for the questions you have about your job search
  • How to accelerate your job search
  • The best job search strategies to use for your specific situation
  • Filling the gaps in your networking strategy
  • How to work with recruiters
  • Identifying and correcting any issues that are blocking you from the next step in your job search
  • Creating a job search action plan to build and maintain your momentum
  • How to find out about upcoming jobs and the hidden job market
  • How should I effectively be spending my time on my job search?

Here's What Clients Say About My Job Search Coaching

What's Your Investment for Resume Review & Job Search Coaching

With this coaching session, you will receive: 

  • A pre-coaching needs assessment
  • A 50-minute coaching session (in-person or by telephone / Internet conference line)
  • Access to my online job search strategy and resource library that will "amp up" your success
  • A recording of your coaching session that will serve you for this and future job searches

It is a comprehensive package... and you get it for just $180.

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To Your Career Success,

Jeff Neil

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