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Discover the Proven and Best Ways to Shorten Your Job Search and Land a New Job as Fast as Possible

Dear Client, 

In a job search, you're either getting interviews for the jobs you want or you're not. There is no middle ground. 

Let me ask you...

  • Do you despise hearing nothing back from companies... after spending hours poring through online ads, crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, and applying for an exciting job you'd be great for? 
  • How many good job interviews have you landed by networking? 
  • Are recruiters actively helping you get interviews for the jobs you really want?

If you've ever thought there must be a better way to get job interviews, you were right... there is.

Most Job Seekers Have It Backwards

Instead of you struggling to get your foot in the door of HR professionals and recruiters... can use three proven job search strategies that get employers to call you for interviews for job openings they have right now.

Wouldn't that be nice?

For more than 15 years, I have been teaching thousands of job seekers how to get more job interviews faster.

They've ranged from recent college graduates to C-level executives (and everything in-between), and my clients have worked in virtually every industry. 

A few job seekers using my strategies land great jobs in as fast as 2 weeks. Many who really work my system land exciting jobs in just 8 to 12 weeks. Nearly everyone who really uses my strategies lands a new job significantly faster than they would have if they hadn't used them.

That's why I am excited to introduce you to...

My Step-by-Step Job Search Breakthrough Coaching Program Will Teach You 3 Key Strategies to Win More Interviews Faster

I have spent more hundreds of hours studying how to find a new job. 

I have kept track of the job search strategies, techniques and ideas that work - as well as everything that does not work - for thousands of my clients. 

And I have packed everything I know into my Job Search Breakthrough Coaching System. 

Here is a quick peak at everything you will learn...

Job Search Breakthrough Strategy #1: LinkedIn Breakthrough

Did you know HR professionals and headhunters spend hours on LinkedIn looking for qualified candidates for job openings they have right now? 

That means... 

If your LinkedIn profile gets found AND piques their interest, HR professionals and recruiters will call YOU about job openings they have right now. 

But that raises a critical question: 

How can your profile stand out in the mind-boggling crowd of over 430+ million people on LinkedIn... so HR professionals and recruiters can find YOU? 

It's easy if you know how. 

In your 1 to 1 personal coaching session and online training resources you'll learn how to build your LinkedIn profile the correct way including:

  • The 3 critical places in your profile you must add the right keywords so it gets found by HR professionals and recruiters. (If you don't know what your "keywords" are, I have an entire training video that will teach you.) 
  • The keys to strategically using your profile to cover your missing skills, relevant experience, employment gaps and more. 
  • A straight to the point formula for a powerful profile Summary that sets you apart and helps your profile rank high in searches of HR staff and recruiters. 
  • A simple approach to develop a powerful headline that stands out and grabs immediate, positive attention. 
  • The supplemental sections you must add to your profile to highlight your qualifications and easily build your credibility. 
  • What information to include in your Work Experience descriptions - and just as important - the critical information to LEAVE OUT of your Work Experience descriptions. 
  • The crucial questions you must ask yourself before writing your Education credentials. 
  • A highly-effective strategy for using endorsements and recommendations. 
  • One change you should make to your profile if you want work in a different industry. (If you don't do this, chances are good you will not get found by the right recruiters and HR staff.) 
  • A simple age-proofing strategy if you have been working 15 years or more. 
  • Crucial privacy settings that optimize your visibility while protecting your privacy and don't overtly advertise your job seeking status. 
  • Proven strategies that effortlessly build your connections and network on LinkedIn

When you use the strategies revealed in our coaching session and my online training resources, you can create a LinkedIn Profile that represents you at your best and attracts potential employers for the types of jobs you want to target.  

Job Search Breakthrough Strategy #2: Hidden Job Market Breakthrough

Most employers don't advertise their job openings. 

There are many reasons why companies don't advertise job openings (e.g. flood of resumes, legal requirements, it's time consuming), but the bottom line for you is... 

... More than 70% of all job openings are NEVER advertised anywhere.  

These unadvertised job openings are called the Hidden Job Market. 

The good news for you is... because they are unadvertised, there is often little - or no - competition for these job openings.  

When you find these job openings and approach the hiring manager the right way, they can often interview you quickly and make a fast hiring decision. 

You might be thinking the best way to open the door to the hidden job market is networking. If you have a large, helpful network with great connections - go for it. 

For most job seekers, however, traditional networking is a slow, difficult, uncomfortable, and unproductive process that gets few (or no) interviews. 

The best way to get interviews for unadvertised job openings is to get yourself on the radar of people who have the authority to interview and hire you. 

That's NOT Human Resources staff. Instead, you want to contact the "hiring manager" - the person you would report to if you worked at a company. 

You don't have to even 'cold call' these people. In fact, for most job seekers, I recommend that you DON'T call the hiring manager.

In our coaching session, I'll teach you exactly how to do this including: 

  • The best free online resources you can use to quickly pinpoint companies you can target. 
  • Simple and fast ways to identify the hiring managers you'll want to contact (and how to easily get their email addresses). 
  • A pretty remarkable letter format that piques the interest of hiring managers... and motivates them to contact you for job openings they have right now. (You'll also get real-life examples you can model.) 
  • How to efficiently contact many hiring managers... so you can get job interviews faster.

Here's the bottom line... 

The Hidden Job Search strategy puts YOU in control of your job search and is the best way to find exciting and immediate job opportunities that never have been and never will be advertised.

Job Search Breakthrough Strategy #3: Online Job Advertisement Breakthrough

To have an effective job search, you should search for unadvertised job openings.

But you should NOT ignore advertised job openings.

In fact, you might mistakenly think responding to online job postings is a waste of time. 

It's not true - more than one third of my clients land exciting new jobs by responding to online job postings. 

The typical job seeker however, spends time crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, submitting it, and hears nothing back. It's a frustrating waste of time. 

The difference in results is my clients know the secrets of getting to the front of the line so HR professionals and recruiters contact them for job interviews. 

There are several ways to make that happen, but here's the major one I want to tell you about now - Employee Referral Programs. 

Research shows about 25% of all people land new jobs through an employee referral. (That's a very big number and smart job seekers take advantage of it.) 

Companies love employee referrals. Many companies even have Employee Referral Programs that encourage company employees to refer candidates for job openings at the company. 

When a company hires a job seeker who was referred by an employee, they typically give the employee who made the referral a cash bonus (or other generous incentive). 

What does that mean for you? 

Many people will happily refer you for appropriate job opportunities because their company wants them too... and they'll often get a bonus for doing it.

If you're like other job seekers I've helped, you might be thinking, "Okay, now I see why an employee would refer me, but what if I don't know anyone who works at the company?" 

Here's the good news... 

If you know how to do it (and I'm not talking about networking), finding a company employee who will help you get an interview is A LOT easier than you realize. 

Here's what I want to teach you:

  • The step-by-step process to easily identify the company employees who are most likely to help you land interviews. 
  • A simple and effortless way to get their email addresses so you can easily contact them. 
  • Simple and fast ways to identify the hiring managers you'll want to contact.
  • An easy-to-follow, step-by-step technique you'll want to use to get company employees to help you get a job interview. (It's a natural, easy way that feels authentic and true to whom you are.) 
  • The email format you can use to introduce yourself to appropriate company employees and motivate them to help you.

Most job seekers "noodle" around job boards, submit ineffective resumes and cover letters, and then take a "wait and see" approach, hoping that they'll somehow beat out hundreds of other applicants to win an interview. 

That's a mistake that can waste months of your valuable time and - if you are underemployed or out of work - can cost you tens of thousands of dollars of lost income, which is impossible to restore. 

Here's What Clients Say About My Job Search Coaching

Job seekers who use the fresh and proven approaches I teach gain a HUGE advantage over most job seekers and they get better results.

Coaching Session Bonus...

Job Search Breakthrough Resource Library

I'm committed to my clients' success. 

Over the past few years, I've invested more than 1,000 hours creating a library of resources on how to conduct an effective job search.

As a coaching client, you'll get 4 months of free access to these resources, including:  

  • My Online Job Search Breakthrough program with detailed step-by-step guides on how to win interviews by responding to an online job opening
  • My Hidden Job Search Breakthrough program with everything you need to know and do (including many templates you can copy and use) to find unadertised job openings
  • Dozens of downloadable, turn-key templates, worksheets, and a tracking system that you can use immediately

Can You Conduct A Winning Job Search On Your Own?

Most job seekers waste months of trial and error. I know just one simple mistake can seriously hurt (or cripple) your job search success.

Over the years of working with thousands of job seekers... I have made it my mission to learn everything I could about how to win job interviews fast. I've kept track of everything that worked... and everything that didn't. 

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you... so you can be confident that you are conducting your job search the right way to land the job you want, as fast as possible.

What's Your Investment?

I'm committed to offering an affordable and outstanding Job Search coaching program that helps you win more interviews faster.

When you use my Job Search Breakthrough Coaching system you receive: 

  • A 50-minute coaching session (in-person or by telephone / Internet conference line) to teach you the specific job search strategies you must use.
  • 4 months of free access to my online resources that will "amp up" your success.
  • Audio recording of your coaching session that will serve you for your entire job search.

It is a comprehensive package... and you get it all for just $180.00.

I know my Job Search Breakthrough coaching program is a bargain when you consider everything you'll learn that has taken me ten years to uncover and prepare... the success my clients have had using these strategies... and how my coaching can change your career and life.

You Can Schedule A Coaching Session Right Now... Here's My Calendar

Please schedule your job search coaching session now... I'd love to help you land an exciting new job as quickly as possible.

To Your Career Success,

Jeff Neil

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